Curricular Practical Training Request

Before you can apply for CPT, you must have the following. By checking each box you acknowledge and agree to the requirement. If you submit an incomplete form, your CPT request will be denied and you will have to submit a new form.

Offer letter includes the following:
Student's full name
Location where student will work - Address in the letter head is insufficient. Work location address must be in the body of the letter.
Job description - This is a description of what you're doing on the job and is more than just your title.
Hours per week to be worked - Must state the number of hours per week (e.g. "40", "15-20", "thirty", etc.)
Beginning and ending dates of the internship - Time frame must adhere to the specific dates listed on the OIS and GAPP websites.

I agree to the following:
Satisfactory completion of ENGR 596/ENGR 595b is a condition of my Curricular Practical Training (CPT) approval. I have read all the CPT information provided on the GAPP website and will abide by all deadlines.
If I receive an NC for a CPT I will not be allowed to register for future CPTs.
If I am applying for ENGR 596 I have submitted faculty approval via MyViterbi If am applying for ENGR 595b, I am currently enrolled or have successfully completed ENGR 595a.
I have completed all modules of the Viterbi Master's Career Success Course and passed the quiz with 80% or better.
The hiring company has made a substantial investment in time and resources to provide me with this opportunity.
I have not, through verbal or written agreement, accepted a position with any company other than the one for which I am filing CPT. By accepting their offer and filing this CPT, I am making a commitment to the company listed above. I will not accept another job offer.
I understand I need to submit my RCL if I have less than 8 credits in my final semester.